Frequently Asked Questions - Spring 2015 Move In Guide

The Spring 2015 check-in date is Sunday January 18th between 10AM and 3PM.  Please proceed to the lobby of the building that you have been assigned to check-in to your new room.

To ensure a smooth arrival process, it is important that all residents arrive during the times that they are assigned.  Due to the limited schedule, early arrivals are generally not permissible.  Any special check-in requests must be approved in advance by the Area Director of the building you are assigned.  Requests must be submitted via email to the following addresses:

Residence Hall Area Director Contact E-mail
Talbott Apartments Kenneth Kolanko
Woodward Hall LaShelle Cross
University Square Tory Rowlands
180 West Market          Rosemary Padilla 

Rutgers, first chartered in 1766 as Queen's College, is the eighth oldest institution of higher education in the United States. The university changed its name in 1825 to Rutgers, in honor of Colonel Henry Rutgers, a Revolutionary War veteran and former trustee of the college. From a colonial college with few students and a classic liberal arts curriculum, Rutgers has evolved into a land-grant institution and major public university. Through legislative acts in 1945 and 1956, all of the university's divisions were designated “The State University of New Jersey.” Since that time, Rutgers has continued to expand its undergraduate, graduate, and professional offerings to better serve the changing needs of the state and its citizens. Newark’s reputation as a center for the arts and business is rivaled only by its growing reputation as a college town. Over 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students attend classes in the downtown area and in the University Heights, and many make their homes in the college residence halls. Rutgers-Newark is one of five centers of higher education located in New Jersey’s largest city. At R-N, over 12,000 students work on undergraduate degrees and graduate degrees in the arts and science, business, nursing, and law – and take advantage of everything the city has to offer in the way of the arts, entertainment, recreation, and great cuisine.

There are many common terms used by members of the Rutgers-Newark campus community. You may not be familiar with the meaning of much of this vocabulary. Don't worry, because within the first couple of weeks you will pick up what most of these words stand for. This list of common Rutgers-Newark "lingo" should get you through.

AD: Area Director

Aramark: The University Dining Service

AAD: Assistant Area Director

CAB: Community Advisory Board

CDC: Career Development Center

Deck 1&2: Parking Garages

EOF: Educational Opportunity Fund

ESL: English as a Second Language

FASFA: Free Application for Financial Aid

LLC: Living Learning Community

LRC: Learning Resource Center

NCAS: Newark College of Arts & Sciences

NJIT: New Jersey Institute of Technology

Observer: University Newspaper

OIT: Office of Information Technology

PRCC: Paul Robeson Campus Center

RA: Resident Assistant

RBS: Rutgers Business School

RCR: Room Condition Report

RU-N: Rutgers University—Newark

Stonsby: All-you-can-eat Cafeteria

Talbott: Graduate / Upper-class Hall

Woodward: Undergraduate Residence Hall

WHC: Woodward Hall Council

WRNU: Student Radio Station

UC: University College

U2: University Square Apartments

Answering Machine

Book Bag


Cell Phone


Cookware and Dishes

Extra Long Twin-Sized Sheets

Iron and Ironing Board

Light (desk and floor)

High-Efficiency Liquid Detergent

Microwave (Only Talbott Residents)

Milk Crates (storage)

Money for Books



Open Mind



Positive Attitude

Posters for the Wall Power

Strip / Surge protector

Renter’s Insurance

Snacks for Late Nights

Stereo/ Radio



Towels and Wash Clothes

Trash Can



Air Conditioners

Bad Attitude



Cinder Blocks


Extension Cords

Halogen Lamps

Nails for the Walls

Incense Burners/Incense Sticks

Hot Plates

Being a part of a community provides the opportunity to meet and interact with new and interesting people, to learn human relations skills, and to participate in many programs and activities that can heighten your awareness and understanding about yourself and others.  There are certain policies and procedures that the university has that are designed to have a positive impact on your life.  Students are responsible for all the policies and procedures contained in the University Student Conduct Code and the Terms of Occupancy for the Residence Halls.  Important information about policies and behavioral expectations are included in these documents that will help to build a strong community at Rutgers-Newark.  Students are encouraged to read each community standard document and all policies prior to the beginning of classes, as they will be held accountable for the expectations outlined in those documents.  Rutgers-Newark is extremely proud of the residence life communities that have been established.  Students are vital to the Rutgers-Newark community, and we look forward to your positive contributions in the upcoming academic year.    There is also the Community Advisory Board. The Community Advisory Board is a group of dedicated student leaders that meet regularly to plan events for all residents including community breakfasts, book club meetings, outings, and more! There is always room to get involved with all CAB and have a truly positive impact on your new community!

Rutgers has an escort service provided by the Rutgers University Police Department (RUPD).  Escort services are available to walk with you anywhere on campus, at anytime.  Students just need to call extension 973-353-5581 to get an escort.  Emergency phones, identified with a blue light, ring directly to public safety are located throughout campus.

The Rutgers Police Department Newark Campus Division’s primary responsibility is to protect and serve the Newark Campus community and is in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  In the event of an emergency, students should call the University Police immediately at 973-353-5111

Woodward Hall, Talbott Apartments and University Square each have a single entrance, which is locked at all times and is staffed by a uniformed security officer 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Only those who present a valid resident's identification card to the security officer may gain entrance to each building.  All visitors to the building must be signed in by their host at the Security Officer’s Booth.  If a student has any questions or concerns about safety issues, you should contact your Area Director in the building and they can address the issue.

Students play an important role in securing a safe and secure environment.  As a member of the University and/or residence hall community, students need to actively help to ensure that the surroundings are as safe as possible.  Some things you may do to ensure your safety include:  locking your room/suite at all times, don't walk alone at night, call 973-353-5581 for an escort,  never prop open any doors, always carry your student ID, and report lost or stolen room keys immediately.  In case of an emergency you may always call University Police at 973-353-5111.

Packages can be shipped through the U.S. Postal Service or commercial delivery service.  Packages and letters should be addressed using the following format:

Student’s Name
Street Address corresponding with the specific building, and apartment number
Newark, NJ 07102

Talbott Apartments
101 Bleeker Street
Newark, NJ 07102

Woodward Hall    
91 Bleeker Street
Newark, NJ 07102

University Square
155 University Ave 
Newark, NJ 07102

RBHS Campus Housing
180 West Market Street 
Newark, NJ 07103

Rutgers-Newark has many on-campus activities and it is to your benefit to get involved!  All new students are strongly encouraged to assume a leadership role by taking part in the planning and implementation of activities.  There is a wide variety of organizations (over 150 at last count!) that meet the various needs within our student population: commuter, ethnic groups, Greek affiliations, service, academic, Student Government, and much more. NCAS Student Government is the undergraduate student government.  This organization sponsors many campus events.  

Guests are permitted anytime during the week provided that they are registered in the building and do not exceed three days a week. Residents must accompany their guests at all times.  Refer to the Guide to Res. Life for more specific information. All guests MUST have a state or federal issues photo ID to enter any of the Residence Halls.

All students must bring their own phone and answering machine. Each room on campus is equipped with a telephone jack.

However, in Talbott Apartments, telephone services are not provided with student housing. Talbott Residents interested in obtaining telephone services may contact Verizon at 1-800-427-9977.

Apartment phone lines in University Square and Woodward are provided through Student Telephone Services (STS).

The Resident Assistant (RA) is probably one of the first people you will meet when you arrive on campus. The RA is a fellow student who has highly developed leadership skills and experience. She/He is available to address student concerns, report maintenance concerns, conduct academic and personal advising, and plan educational and social activities for residents of the building. The Area Director (AD) is a full time professional staff member who holds regular office hours and is responsible for the overall supervision and administration of the building community. There are a number of other full time professional staff members who work at the Office of Housing & Residence Life. These staff members include the Director of Residence Life, the Associate Director of Housing & Residence Life, and the Associate Dean of Housing & Residence Life.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when coming to Rutgers-Newark with your computer. In some cases you may be on the other side of the room while living here, so one thing to keep in mind is to always bring a long Ethernet cord with you to wrap around the room (25 ft. should do it.) The 2nd thing to keep in mind is our RU-Compliant check, when you register your computer it will be scanned by our RU-compliant software. This will check to see if you have approved anti-virus software and the latest service packs and patches; Linux and Mac users need not worry about this. Rutgers-Newark also offers wireless hot spots at several locations, so bring a wireless card.

If you have any more questions feel free to call the Office for Housing and Residence Life at 973-353-1037. You may also e-mail us at You are always welcome to visit the office itself at 91 Bleeker Street, Newark, New Jersey. We are located right next to Woodward Hall.

A student must apply separately to be considered for Gender Neutral Housing, and students who are not simply need not apply. The majority of housing at Rutgers University-Newark will remain single-sex housing, and the usual rules for housing selection will apply.