Family Housing

Rutgers University Family Housing is available only to students who are matriculating, enrolled full-time and who are living with their spouse and/or one minor dependent child under 5 years of age. Priority is given to students in Ph.D. programs, master level programs, and undergraduates in that order. Research credits count for student status only for doctoral candidates working full-time on their degree requirements.

Family housing, located at 29 James Street and 77 Bleeker Street, have apartments that vary in size and layout. Efficiencies (Studios), and one bedroom apartments are available, however priority for one bedroom apartments are given to families with children. All apartments are carpeted and air-conditioned but they are not furnished. There are laundry facilities in both Family Housing buildings.

The Family Housing facilities are in high demand and fill quickly. Therefore, it is best to notify us of your interest as soon as possible. Also, please be aware that you will be asked to provide documentation of marriage or maternity/paternity. A security deposit will be required when you are offered an apartment. The amount will be equal to your first month’s rent. The rent amount includes utilities, and is due on the first business day of each month in advance for that month.

Twice a year, the University provides Family Housing with mandatory pesticide servicing of all apartments. In addition, there is a NO PET policy that is strictly enforced. Students’ and spouses’ children are welcome to join a University Meal Plan.