Woodward Hall

Living Room
Living Room

First year undergraduate students and some newly admitted transfer students are typically assigned to Woodward Hall.  These suite style accommodations are fully furnished non-cooking units with 3 double bedrooms, a living room, bathroom, and vanity area.  Attached to Woodward Hall is Stonsby Commons, the main dining eatery for Woodward Hall residents.  While Woodward hall residents are required to be on a meal plan, any student may purchase a meal plan and eat in all campus dining halls including Stonsby Commons.

  • Each bedroom is 11.5 feet x 15.5 feet (not including closets).
  • Several suites have special accommodations for students with disabilities.
  • All rooms have both wired and wireless internet access and telephone, and digital cable.
  • All rooms have wall to wall carpeting.
  • Bedrooms are furnished with twin beds with twin extra long 80" mattresses.
  • Each bedroom is furnished with a desk, dresser, and closet on each side for each student.
  • Each bedroom is equipped with a combination micro fridge unit that includes a microwave and small refrigerator.
  • Six students share a common living room, bathroom, and vanity area.
  • Each suite is equipped with seasonal central air conditioning.
  • 24 hour computer lab in the building.
  • 24 hour laundry room in the building.

We recommend extra long sheets and bedding for the beds in our residence halls.  If you have trouble finding these items, please visit www.rhl.org/run to review the Residence Hall Linens Program.

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